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    Sense anything, anywhere

    Our open source platform has applications in many areas including health, fitness, the environment, social networks, and education.

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    Link your data

    One of the key components of the platform is the ability to create behaviors that interact with your other online identities.

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    Tell a story

    Online tools will allow you to quickly visualize data in various ways and combinations. This data can also be mapped to other qualitative data such as your online calendar to help you understand yourself and how you are affected by the world around you.

Sensor Hardware -----»


A variety of sensor modules can be hooked up to the OpenRTMS hardware. The hardware is small and weighs only a few ounces. Users can use modules from the sensor library, or develop their own using the Arduino platform.

Android Device -----»


Sensor data is sent via Bluetooth to a mobile device with the Android OS and OpenRTMS software. After logging into your user account, the data is paired with GPS location and a timestamp before it's transmitted to an Internet database.

Web Interface


Once in the cloud, users can manage this data via a web interface. The web interface gives you tools for managing data and creating behaviors that allow you to connect your data with other services such as Pachube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Welcome to the future of mobile sensing

Following the emergence of DIY and citizen science, technology is increasingly giving us the ability to understand the world around us and the effect it has on individuals, groups, and their environments. This platform aims to make this process more accessible and provide greater insight into the cause and effects of how we interact with our world.